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The Illusive Muse Board Rules

# 01: Police Yourself.

If you don't, I will.

And if _I_ do it, you could end up banned. (No warning; no reason given.)

# 02: Member Disputes.

Take them to PM or Email. Keep them off of the forums. Thanks.

# 03: Ignore Trolls.

Do NOT converse with them or acknowledge them in any way. -- You can't set them straight, so don't even try. If they cared, or had any feelings, they wouldn't be trolls.

Trolls NEED attention, and the best way to irritate them is to pretend they aren't there. Image

# 04: English language only.

There is no one here to Mod other languages, so they will not be permitted.

# 05: Multiple accounts are forbidden. There is no need for more than one username here.

If you write under multiple names, put the author's name at the top of the post, so that readers will know who you're writing under.

# 06: DO NOT use pornographic language or post pornographic images or post links to porn sites/images.

Some adult content, such as erotica, is okay, as long as there is a warning at the top of the post. This allows those who might have children with them the option to come back another time.

# 07: Hissy Fits WILL NOT be tolerated.

If you have a problem with the board, or any member/s, bring it to my attention, take it off board, or let it go. If you cause a scene your membership will be banned &/or deleted. The ban and deletion can be permanent, and most likely will be. If you manage to sneak back in, you had better play nice. Not playing nice will get your membership deleted again ... and again ... and again. Your behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, AT ALL.

# 08: No Outside Board/Forum Business.

If you have a problem with another board/forum do not bring it here. If you do, your membership will be banned & deleted. Such behavior WILL NOT be tolerated, AT ALL.

# 09: Do NOT follow trolls here from another board/forum.

If you follow trolls here from another board/forum to 'help out,' your membership will be banned & deleted. I don't know you, or if you're really here to help out. You could be in on the trolling, and are here as a spy. Just stay out of it. You aren't part of the staff here, nor a member in good standing, so your input is not wanted/needed.

Members can either PM me or start a thread on the Feedback & Complaints forum to alert me to problems with another member, or to a post that needs to be deleted. Thanks.

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